Legal and Tax Issues


Sometimes, time available is not enough for those little things we have to solve.

 It can be Legal Issues, like property contracts, work permits, residency permits, establish a small company and so on.


We can provide you assistance is some of the peculiarities of the  Portuguese legislation,  working with our Lawyers Partner, that will directly answer all your questions.

Cick here please to send us your question. We will reply as soos as possible.

Let´s talk about Money. Your Money!

The Portuguese Tax system is complex. We have direct and indirect taxes with major enphasis on those relating to business (IRC – Corporate Income Tax), Personal Income Tax (IRS), Taxes on Assets (IMI and IMT), Taxes on expenditures (VAT, IEC, ISV, etc.) . On top of these we have also Tax Benefits, exemptions, special conditions for foreigners and so on.


ID-100197481Are you confused? D´n´t worry because Portugal is Paradise can help you navigate through our Tax System in order to make you benefit from your new residency condition, without defaulting any situation.

Contact Us clicking here.

Some Basic questions, we are happy to help you. Some of the most frequent questions can be answerd by our Partner on a free basis, as we have a special deal.

Clikc here to ask some Basic Question and select the question you want to be clarified.

For more complex situations or if you have multiple questions to ask, please follow the links provided above or just choose the adequate submenu and we will guide you for the best possible solution.


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